Are you angry or sad when you think about any aspect of your birth? Were any of these a part of your birth experience... Powerlessness, Confusion, Fear, Isolation, Abandonment, Loss of Control? You are not alone.

Voice For Parents is here to support you and your family. The fallout from a difficult or traumatic birth can leave new parents struggling with feelings of deep sadness, guilt, anxiety and regret, and battling to find the right support. We're here to help you to begin to process, and heal from, your experience, enabling you to move forward in a positive way. Contact us today to find out how we can help.   

x Carla and Jenni

Photograph by Laurie Campbell
I am thankful daily that we met Carla and were guided with genuine care, friendship and support to trust ourselves and the beauty of our upcoming birth. However things play out this time we now have the belief and power to take control of our experience and the right people surrounding us to support this.

I could not recommend Voice for Parents more and am in admiration of the work they do and genuinely excited about the prospect of many more women like me having the opportunity to heal from their own experiences. - Kate