Are you angry or sad when you think about any aspect of your birth? Were any of these a part of your birth experience... Powerlessness, Confusion, Fear, Isolation, Abandonment, Loss of Control? You are not alone.

Voice For Parents is here to support you and your family. The fallout from a difficult or traumatic birth can leave new parents struggling with feelings of deep sadness, guilt, anxiety and regret, and battling to find the right support. I’m here to help you to begin to process and heal from your experience, enabling you to move forward in a positive way. Contact me today to find out how I can help.   

x Carla

Photograph by Laurie Campbell

I thought I was just going to talk through fears, but Carla actually helped us make a practical plan too because she knows what she’s talking about! More importantly, she reminded us that this was in our hands, and the decisions were still ours. She helped restore my trust in my body. By the time my labour began, I was in a peaceful state of mind, knowing that whatever happened, it would be owned by us.

I’m delighted to say we had a positive, empowering, natural, hospital birth experience! It has been very healing. Thank you Carla for going above and beyond and walking this out with us. - Hannah and Jason