faqs about the 'begin to heal' series

is my partner able to attend?

At Voice For Parents we acknowledge the traumatising effect that birth can have on other's who are present. However, this series is specifically for women who have experienced birth trauma, as we feel that it will create a safer space for those who attend. Sometimes a partner, or others who are in the traumatised woman's life, do not understand the profound impact that her negative birth experience had on her. Without meaning to, people close to the woman may invalidate her feelings by saying things like, "You've got a healthy baby, that's all that matters." The last thing we want for those who attend this series is to have them feel invalidated or misunderstood by others who are attending. If your partner (or someone else who attended your birth) is struggling with their own trauma, get them to take a look at this page for options that could suit them. Also, if we get enough interest from traumatised partners, we'll run a workshop just for them, so contact us to let us know of such interest.

i don't want to have anymore children. will this series focus on 'the next birth'?

No, the 'next baby' conversation may crop up on occasion, but we have a different series (the 'Planning For a Better Birth' Series) that focuses on those who are having/planning on another baby. This course is for anyone who is struggling to know how to heal and move forward after a traumatic birth experience. A lot of women who have experienced such a birth feel terrified of the idea of ever getting pregnant again and, therefore, choose not to have anymore children. If you are one of those women, we would highly recommend this course to you. Just one thing you will need to consider before registering to attend - do you need to have some one-to-one support before being in a group support situation? If you're not sure, contact us to have a discussion about it.

do we have to share our birth trauma story as part of this series?

We would never hold the expectation that anyone shares their story who is not comfortable to do so. Although some course participants may wish to share aspects of their story, this series does not commit time to a specific 'story sharing' opportunity like our 'Birth Trauma Support' Workshop does. But even at that workshop, no-one is required to share their story, it's simply an option for those who wish to.

I'm a bit worried that being in a group to discuss such a sensitive topic will be a bit confronting/triggering for me. what do you suggest?

Contact us to talk to us about your concerns. It could be that we suggest you get some personal support before, or instead of, attending a group support option. Some gain a lot from being amongst others who have had similar experiences when in a safe and supportive environment, while others find it too painful to be amongst so much grief and trauma. You need to do what feels right for you.