Support options for partners

Traumatic births can take their toll on the support people who are present, too. There are few more helpless situations in life than watching someone you love struggle through the trauma, grief and fear of a difficult birth, and feeling unable to do a thing to help her, not to mention the anxiety that results when you fear for the wellbeing of your new baby. Then, in the days, weeks and months that follow, trying your best to support your partner in her new, somewhat damaged, mothering role, all the while suppressing the nagging pain, grief and anger that you feel, yourself, about the birth. We're here to help. If you can muster up the courage to contact us, you will not only be supported to get through this rough patch, you might just save your relationship. A recent survey that we conducted found that, of the 318 respondents, one third said that they had relationship issues in response to their birth trauma, and a number said that they believed their marriage ultimately broke up as a result.

Here is what I offer:

couples support

I meet with you and your partner in your home* for a 2 - 3 hour consultation. I am well aware that men, in particular, are sometimes reticent about revealing their own experience of birth-related trauma, so this session is designed to sensitively support you both. 

Investment: $70/hour or any koha is acceptable


one-to-one support

I meet with you in your home* for a 2 - 3 hour consultation that is tailored to your specific needs. Prior to your meeting, I will discuss with you which of the following you feel would be most helpful to cover:

  • Debriefing about your experience of being present at a traumatic birth.

  • Tools and ideas for helping you to start healing from your trauma.

  • Ways you can support your partner to recover and heal after her traumatic birth.

  • Another baby on the way? How you can make this a better birth experience for you and your partner.

Investment: $70/hour or any koha is acceptable


* I travel within a 20 minute distance of Hamilton City. If you live further away than this, I may still be able to come to you, with extra charges as follow: $10/10 minutes drive time, outside of the 20 minutes that I travel for free (both there and back). Or it may be a possibility for you to come to us - contact me to find out.