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Free Birth trauma support workshop

Group Facilitators: Jenni and Carla

Group Facilitators: Jenni and Carla

This workshop provides an opportunity to meet with other mothers and fathers who have experienced birth as a traumatic event, and to begin your healing journey as you come to realise that you are not alone, and that there are avenues for moving forward positively. Come and share your story, or choose just to listen to others', in a safe and healing space where your birth trauma is acknowledged and validated.

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Just as a negative birth experience is rarely about 'bad luck', the same can be said about a positive and empowering birth experience. Achieving such a birth is something that generally results when parents have the right sort of support, birthing environment, and information. The antenatal series that we are offering is specifically designed to support the needs of families who have experienced a traumatic birth, and who are seeking the information and support they need to prepare as best they can for a positive next birth experience. This series is made up of 6 sessions, each 2 hours in duration. The topics covered are:

  1. Not Your Fault... Validating your experience, and providing hope and reassurance for a better birth. 
  2. Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth... Whose roles and responsibilities lie where? Taking back the reigns.
  3. How We Give Birth - Nature's Design... 'Normal' birth progression, the role of hormones, and how the transition to parenthood is intended to be a positive experience.
  4. Snowballing Interventions... Understanding how unnecessary interventions erode the natural course of birth, and what you need to know if you decide that intervening is best for you and your baby.
  5. Choice Choices... Finding the knowledge and support you need (including a focus on dads), to choose the best birth path for you.
  6. Welcome Baby!... Planning for birth as a celebration, and hearing of others' positive and empowering (post-birth trauma) births.

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Fee: $210 per couple (if payment is going to be difficult, please contact us to discuss options).

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Exciting news!!! 

We are creating an online antenatal series aimed at women/couples who have experienced a negative or traumatic first birth and want to know all the info, tools and understandings necessary to achieve that positive, healing birth they're seeking. Go to our home page and subscribe to be kept up to date on progress. 


'Begin to HEal' series

This is a 4 week group course designed to support women who have experienced a traumatic birth and are struggling to know how to move forward in their life with healthy perspective and positivity. Whether your self-belief is at an all time low, whether you are struggling to bond with your baby, or to see eye-to-eye with your partner, whether you feel stripped of your dignity or self-confidence, or suffer guilt over how your birth took place, we are here to listen, to provide guidance, to offer you perspective and to reassure you. Most of all, we are here to remind you that none of what happened to you was your fault, and that there's plenty of hope for a brighter future.

Series sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Subjective trauma... All shapes and sizes, and none of it, your fault.
  • Just how risky is this birthing business?... Gaining perspective, and understanding whose rights and responsibilities lie where.
  • Finding peace... Practical advice to assist you in journeying towards freedom from pain and self-doubt.
  • Another baby, or never again?... Moving forward with hope.

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Fee: $160 (if payment is going to be difficult, please contact us to discuss options).

Book now (via phone or email) to secure your spot at the next 'Begin to Heal' Series - spaces are limited.