PArenting Support options

Becoming a parent can be overwhelming on so many levels. There is an enormous amount of conflicting information given on the internet, social media and from friends and relatives, and it is very easy for doubt to manifest itself in the daily decisions we make on behalf of our precious babies. We are all born with instincts around how to care for our children and so often, in this modern era, we are plagued with self-doubt and confusion. When a new baby enters our world everything as we know it is turned upside down and so often parents are left feeling exhausted, confused and anxious. Having someone at this time to talk things through, who will not pass judgement or undermine you, but rather support, inform and encourage you, can be of huge benefit. 


one-to-one parenting support

Jenni meets with you in your home* for a private consultation that is tailored to your specific needs. Prior to your meeting, Jenni will discuss with you which of the following you feel would be most helpful to cover:

  • sleeping issues
  • bonding concerns
  • emotional support around feelings of exhaustion and despair
  • feeding issues
  • settling problems
  • assistance with finding helpful community resources and connections
  • meeting your baby's needs at various ages and stages
  • specific parenting concerns such as parenting multiples, solo parenting, high needs children. Jenni has personal experience in all these areas
  • your own mental and emotional health

Contact Jenni today to find out how she can best support you.

Fee: $60/hour (if payment is going to be difficult for you, please contact us to talk through options. Prices are significantly reduced for CSC holders.)



Following the birth of your baby, Jenni is able to provide emotional and practical support in your home*. During this busy, challenging, and very special time in your life, it can be so incredibly helpful to have an understanding and knowledgeable woman to support you however you need. Jenni is just that person. This service will be tailored to your specific needs - contact Jenni to make a plan today. Here is what her Postnatal Doula Service can offer you:

  • Practical support - Jenni can help you and your baby with sleeping, bonding, feeding and settling support and guidance. Or, while you are tending to your baby or getting some rest, Jenni can assist with household chores or running errands. She is also able to help out with your older children. Jenni is able to guide you to other community services and support groups that are available, as well.
  • Emotional support - Jenni can talk you through any worries that are playing on your mind. Whether you lack confidence in yourself as a mother, whether you worry that you're not bonding with your baby like you 'should' be, whether you and your partner are struggling to see eye-to-eye or you're dealing with the challenges of single parenthood, whether you are battling to come to terms with your birth, or don't know how to deal with unwanted advice from others, Jenni understands what a massive, life-changing time this is for you. She will gently guide you so that you feel less overwhelmed, and learn to trust that you do know what is best for your baby, and that you are doing a great job.

Jenni wants to help you to learn to trust your mothering instincts, and to learn how to communicate with, and 'listen' to, your baby. She absolutely acknowledges what an overwhelming and powerful life transition this is for you, and she is happy to share her own wisdom, knowledge, struggles and experiences with you. Ultimately though, she wants to empower you to believe in yourself. 

Fee: $60/hour (if payment is going to be difficult for you, please contact us to talk through options. Prices are significantly reduced for CSC holders.)

* We travel within a 40 minute distance of Hamilton City. If you live further away than this, we may still be able to come to you, with extra charges as follow: $10/10 minutes drive time, outside of the 40 minutes that we travel for free (both there and back). Or it may be a possibility for you to come to us - contact us to find out.