Personal Support options

The value of being able to talk with someone who understands what you have been through, and knows how important your birth experience is to your sense of wellbeing, cannot be underestimated. The healing process begins with being listened to by a compassionate person, someone who validates your thoughts and feelings surrounding your birth. Following a traumatic birth, women are frequently fed the undermining line that, "A healthy baby is all that matters." At Voice For Parents, we acknowledge that the emotional and mental wellbeing of parents is incredibly important, too. We're here to help you process what happened, and to assist you with finding ways to move forward positively.

one-to-one support

Carla Sargent, RM

Carla Sargent, RM

Carla meets with you in your home* for a 2 - 3 hour consultation that is tailored to your specific needs. The following are the sorts of topics we are likely to cover:

  • Debriefing about your previous birth experience(s).
  • Going through your birth records with you so that you can make better sense of what happened, and why.
  • Tools that will assist you in healing from your trauma and finding ways to move forward positively in your life.
  • Supporting you to remove the guilt you may feel with regards to how you brought your baby into the world and the struggles you may have had, or still have, around bonding with your baby.
  • Options for your next birth if you are considering having another baby.
  • Assistance with writing up an empowering birth plan, if you're pregnant again.
  • Discussion on how to achieve a positive and empowering birth, if you're pregnant again.

Fee: $110 per hour (if payment is going to be difficult for you, please contact us to talk through options). Note, sessions typically take around 2.5 hours, though Carla suggests you allow up to 3 hours in case it is needed.

Note: This service is available for traumatised partners, too. We can tailor the consultation to meet your specific needs (click here for further details). Or, some may feel more comfortable being part of a 'couples support' service (see below), as it may feel less confronting than one-to-one support. 


Couples support

Carla meets with you and your partner in your home* for a 2.5 - 3 hour consultation. Partners are sometimes reticent about revealing their own experience of birth-related trauma, so this session is designed to sensitively support you both. Or, if your partner does not appear to be affected by the experience, some women find it helpful in their own recovery to have their partner present at these sorts of validating talks. I can help your partner to better understand that what you went through was not okay, and why, and offer some tools for how they can support you in your recovery. 

Fee: $110 per hour (if payment is going to be difficult for you, please contact us to talk through options). Note, sessions typically take around 2.5 hours, though Carla suggests you allow up to 3 hours in case it is needed.


PERsonal 'planning for a better birth' antenatal course for couples

Unable to make it to our group antenatal course? Or, would rather a more compact version of the course that addresses your specific needs, fears and hopes? Then this is the course for you. Carla comes to your home* to speak with you and your partner (and/or any other birth support people you would like present) on 3 or 4 occasions, depending on what you need covered and how much time it will take. Antenatal course topics include:

  • Not Your Fault... Validating your birth trauma experience (both yours and your partner's), and providing hope and reassurance for a better birth. 
  • Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth... Whose roles and responsibilities lie where? Taking back the reins.
  • How We Give Birth - Nature's Design... 'Normal' birth progression, the role of hormones and how best to support the helpful flow of hormones, and how the transition to parenthood is intended to be a positive experience.
  • Snowballing Interventions... Understanding how unnecessary interventions erode the natural course of birth, and what you need to know if you decide that intervening is best for you and your baby.
  • Choice Choices... Finding the knowledge and support you need (including a focus on dad), to choose the best birth path for you. This includes developing birth plans which set in place strategies for managing the decision points that were, perhaps, the source of trauma during your first birth.
  • Welcome Baby!... Planning for birth as a celebration.

Fee: 3 x 2 hour sessions $600; 4 x 2 hour sessions $800 (financing available)

Exciting news!!! 

We are creating an online antenatal series aimed at women/couples who have experienced a negative or traumatic first birth and want to know all the info, tools and understandings necessary to achieve that positive, healing birth they're seeking. go to our home page and subscribe to be kept up to date on progress


postnatal doula service

Jenni Sargent

Jenni Sargent

Following the birth of your baby, Jenni is able to provide emotional and practical support in your home *. During this busy, challenging, and very special time in your life, it can be so incredibly helpful to have an understanding and knowledgeable woman to support you however you need. Jenni is just that person. This service will be tailored to your specific needs - contact Jenni to make a plan today. Here is what her Postnatal Doula Service can offer you:

  • Practical support - Jenni can help you and your baby with sleeping, bonding, feeding and settling support and guidance. Or, while you are tending to your baby or getting some rest, Jenni can assist with household chores or running errands. She is also able to help out with your older children. Jenni is able to guide you to other community services and support groups that are available, as well.
  • Emotional support - Jenni can talk you through any worries that are playing on your mind. Whether you lack confidence in yourself as a mother, whether you worry that you're not bonding with your baby like you 'should' be, whether you and your partner are struggling to see eye-to-eye or you're dealing with the challenges of single parenthood, whether you are battling to come to terms with your birth, or don't know how to deal with unwanted advice from others, Jenni understands what a massive, life-changing time this is for you. She will gently guide you so that you feel less overwhelmed, and learn to trust that you do know what is best for your baby, and that you are doing a great job.

Jenni wants to help you to learn to trust your mothering instincts, and to learn how to communicate with, and 'listen' to, your baby. She absolutely acknowledges what an overwhelming and powerful life transition this is for you, and she is happy to share her own wisdom, knowledge, struggles and experiences with you. Ultimately though, she wants to empower you to believe in yourself. 

Fee: $60/hour (if payment is going to be difficult for you, please contact us to talk through options.)


* We travel within a 30 minute distance of Hamilton City. If you live further away than this, we may still be able to come to you, with extra charges as follow: $10/10 minutes drive time, outside of the 30 minutes that we travel for free (both there and back). Or it may be a possibility for you to come to us - contact us to find out.