Phone or skype consultations

Too distant from Hamilton for one-to-one support with Carla? Carla visits you in your home if you live within a 40 minute radius of Hamilton City (sometimes further away, but you'll need to contact her to check if that is an option). Although it's preferable to meet in person, there are options for those who don't live locally. Contact Carla to arrange a phone or Skype session. This is how it works:

  1. Check out the Personal Support Options page and consider what sort of support it is that you are seeking. Note, phone and Skype sessions cost the same as the fees listed under the Personal Support Options page.
  2. Contact Carla via phone or email to arrange a phone or Skype appointment that suits you both (you will need to share your Skype account name with Carla, if planning a Skype appointment).
  3. Carla will contact you via Skype at the allocated time, or if you are talking over the phone, you call Carla on (07) 8593363 at the allocated time. 

Make contact today to find out how we can best support you.