FAQs About the 'planning for a better birth' series

Do I need to be pregnant to attend?

No, you don't. Some women/couples like to have a full appreciation for what birth could be like with the right support and information, before deciding whether or not to have another baby. If you attend this course and then later become pregnant, you are able to repeat the series during pregnancy for a free refresher.

How fAR along in my pregnancy should I be before i attend?

Whenever suits you. However, we highly recommend coming as early on in pregnancy as you are able. The reason for this is that choosing the right caregiver for you is of key importance to planning for a positive and empowering birth. The earlier you are able to become informed of what to look for in terms of birth support, the more opportunity there is to find the person that is right for you, and to develop a rich and trusting relationship with them. There are also other important preparations, such as becoming informed about various options, and unravelling your beliefs about yourself and your birthing abilities, that can take some time to get your head around. The sooner you attend the 'Planning for a Better Birth' Series, the more time you will have to prepare yourself for the birth you are seeking. Plus, you can do a series refresher for free later in your pregnancy if you'd like to.

i am going to be having an elective caesarean this time. is it still worthwhile attending this series?

We aim to prepare you for a positive and empowering birth no matter how you decide it is best for you to bring your baby into the world. An empowering birth experience is one where you feel supported to make the informed decisions that you decide are right for you, and where you feel respected and nurtured by your caregivers and support team. You do not need to have a natural birth at home to experience birth as positive and empowering. This series will arm you with the information and support you need to prepare as best you can for whichever birth path you end up travelling.

can my partner and/or other support people attend with me?

We really REALLY encourage partners/other support people to attend the entire series (or at least as many of the sessions as they are able). Those who are going to support you during your birth, need to have a full understanding of what makes for a positive birth experience and their role in that process. They also need validation and support if they attended your previous traumatic birth experience, so that they can be reassured around your next birth. We will offer them practical tips for how they best look after you AND themselves during your next birth. It's really important that, if they feel traumatised by your previous birth, they seek some support now. Attending this series would be a good way to achieve that, or if they need further support, they might like to consider a Personal Support option, as well.

the date/time of the series doesn't suit us. can we do the series privately at a time that works for us?

Yes. Carla runs a private version of this series. Click here to find out more, and contact Carla to organise suitable dates/times. 

this is my first pregnancy and i want to do all i can to avoid a traumatic birth. Can i attend this series?

We think that's a great idea! Just keep in mind that we do not cover the content of typical antenatal classes, so we'd recommend you attend this series alongside some other more general birth/breastfeeding/parenting education. Also, feel free to contact us if you'd like more information on other birth preparation courses that we'd recommend.

My baby is due before the series finishes. can i get a refund for sessions i miss due to my baby's arrival? 

If you miss three or more sessions due to the birth of your baby, we will reimburse you half of the cost to attend the course. Unfortunately, if you miss less than three sessions, we are unable to reimburse any of the course fee.

Do you hold this series outside of the waikato?

Not currently. However, if we receive enough interest from an area that is within a two hour radius of Hamilton, we will certainly do our best to accommodate this. That said, please contact us to let us know of your interest and whereabouts you are based. Better still, get in touch with other mothers in your area to see if you can round up a group of interested people (we need a minimum of six couples in order for us to be able to feasibly run a distant course). Note, a distant course will more likely be run either over one or two weekends, so will be quite an intensive, compacted course, though still 12 hours in duration all up.