help us to help parents in need

become a vital aspect of support for struggling new parents

Is your business or organisation interested in sponsoring traumatised parents to receive support from us?

Are you a Not For Profit organisation who wishes to provide assistance to new mothers (or fathers) who are struggling to cope since the traumatic birth of their baby?

At Voice For Parents, we believe that every struggling parent should be entitled to this sort of support service, for free. We are therefore seeking sponsorship from organisations and businesses that value the importance of the work that we do in our community. This is how we plan to go about seeking such funding...

If you are a NFP organisation or a community health organisation, you can contract us to provide our service to parents who come to you in need of the support that Voice For Parents offers. There is money out there that's available to support such a need, it's just a matter of having the determination and time to seek it. For instance, Trust Waikato provides funding rounds three times a year, with which they aim to: 

" the things that make our corner of the world a better place...Trust Waikato donates money to community organisations and projects that focus on welfare, sport, recreation, youth, art, culture, and the environment, for the benefit of people in our region." (

Of course, Trust Waikato is just one of many such funding pools. Please consider applying for funding, so that we can help you to help new parents in need.

If you are a business that wishes to sponsor parents in our community to access the vital support we offer, become a gold, silver or bronze sponsor today. Here's how:

Sponsorship of one parent (or couple) to receive a 3 hour personal consultation, or of one mother to attend a 4 week group course, the 'Begin to Heal' Series, will cost $160

Gold Sponsorship: Improve the lives of a minimum of 15 parents/year (annual cost: $2,400).

Silver Sponsorship: Support at least 7 parents/year (annual cost: $1,120)

Bronze Sponsorship: Help us to reach out to some struggling parents this year (annual cost: upward of $160)

Your sponsorship money will help each of these deserving parents immensely! And Voice For Parents will proudly promote your business on the Sponsors page of our website (under the gold, silver or bronze heading) for each year that you choose to assist your community in this way.